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01 Mar 2015
AUTOMATION DIVISION: Advance Valves has been supplying automated Butterfly Valves meeting unique client specifications across global projects for more than 15 years. We have recently set up an Automation Division to design, engineer, integrate, test and ship out Actuated Valves on a sustainable basis. This Automation Division covers all kinds of instrumentation assembly including SIL 3 certified products for high performance integrity and safety. With a qualified Instrumentation and Safety Engineering team in-house, we are capable of assembling different actuator types–Electric, Pneumatic and Electro-Hydraulic from reputed global makes. The facility is able to churn out large numbers of automated valves with leak testing, PST (Partial Stroke Tests), Torque testing, Cycle Testing and actuator performance testing. Net result: A well integrated product at competitive prices for our Clients.

01 Mar 2015
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: High Performance Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve – New Access Door Design for LNG apps: Advance Valves is pleased to announce that we have successfully designed, manufactured and tested at cryo temperatures of -196°C, a new product - the High Performance Butterfly Valve with side entry access! This 12” # 300 test valve, has a long pattern, with butt weld-ends. This access feature allows easy replacement of seal and seat during online operations. This valve, complemented with our existing range of Triple Eccentric Butterfly valves, Dual Plate Check Valves, including with cryo features, provides our clients additional 12”- 300# BT Valve options for LNG projects.

09 Mar 2015
US PATENT FOR LARGE SIZE BALANCING VALVE: Advance Valves pioneered Balancing Valves nearly 30 years ago for the HVAC industry in India, and continues as the premier national brand for the product lines in India. In fact, we were the prime mover in driving Indian HVAC industry to adopt Balancing technologies for the first time.Keeping in mind the requirements for increased cooling capacities, including that of District Cooling, we have developed, manufactured and sold first time in the world Large-Sized Balancing Valves having NB upto 1 metre (40 in.). This valve has been designed using state-of-the-art CFD tools and validated on in-house flow test bed.This valve has some unique innovations to solve the problems no one has been able to solve before and we have patented this product design globally, including in the US (US 2014/0175316 A1 dtd. 26th June, 2014) and this unique product has resolved major issues for the Air Conditioning experts and consultants where no other feasible solutions have existed before.

16 Mar 2015
PROJECTS GOING LIVE: PARADIP REFINERY: Indian Oil Corp, the country's biggest refinery, recently began crude processing at its 300,000 barrel per day (bpd) at its Paradip refinery and aims to fully commission the plant in six months. We at Advance Valves are proud to have supplied more than 1500 valves including Dual Check Valves. Concentric, Double Offset and Triple Offset Butterfly Valve ranging from 2”-88” in class ranges from for #150-#1500 for this project across many packages through EPCs and OEMs such as Foster Wheeler, Jacobs Engineering, Essar Projects, TOYO Engineering Punj Lloyd, KazStroy Service, IOT Infrastructure & Energy, Uhde India, Fernas Construction, Paharpur Cooling Towers, Hyundai Heavy Industries, HDO, L & T, etc.

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large size balancing valve (new)

Large Size Balancing valve (New*)

Advance Large Size Balancing Valves, a first in the world design by Advance, is a unique Manual Balancing solution for the present trend of large size HVAC and district cooling plants, optimizing space, and integrating all features into a single valve. The valve is designed using state of the art CFD tools validated on in-house flow test bed.

ADVANCE Flow Computation Software and System Balancing Software that work with the Hand held digital Manometer are available on request. Advance also provides On-site Water Balancing Services to achieve maximum energy saving right from commissioning

The salient features include :-

  • Available in size up to 1000mm (40”). * (Size above 1000 mm available on request.)
  • Precise Double Regulation and Flow Measurement within 2.5D or less
  • Valve Rating PN16 and PN20. *( Pressure PN25 or above available on request.)
  • Positive Shutoff High Performance Butterfly Valve
  • EPDM Seal
  • Stainless Steel construction for critical components
  • Zero Backlash Gear Box with 1 degree accuracy of setting
  • Tamper Proof Locking
Flow Characteristics
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Large Size Balancing Valves

Large Size balancing valve ensures easy and reliable balancing of the system, regardless of any fluctuations in the differential pressure of the system and used for district cooling applications.
We have supplied Our Large Size balancing valve to prestigious projects Like TATA Coke Oven Project, Prestige Shantiniketan and Many more.

Installation Dimensions

Valve Size (DN) Face to Face (mm) Minimum Flow (M3/Hr) Maximum Flow (M3/Hr) Weight(in Kg)
350 980 105 1730 317
400 1100 145 2260 396
450 1200 155 2860 520
500 1250 175 3535 657
600 1450 235 5090 797
700 1650 335 6930 1320
750 1750 430 7950 1578
800 1850 590 9050 1780
900 2050 1230 11450 2217
1000 2250 2065 14000 3500

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